Monday, 2 September 2013


August's gone, and September is here, most Spanish people finished their holiday,and go home this week-end, 4 million car displacements, El Prat, Barcelonas airport had the record of flights, trains and busses had extras set in, the summer holiday came to an end. This Sunday many department stores opend, everybody coming home to empty fridges and pantrys, Monday is working day, not easy after 30 days of chilling out. Parents have to organize the children going back to school in some days, buy uniforms, books, and else material needed. Stress after vacation, well, we can always have some nice days in september, the beaches are not so crowded, restaurants and cafes have vacant tables, better prices if you need a hotel, September is one o my favorite months.

Yesterday we went to the farmers market, the 6 th edition of Natur Alhendin, Alhendin is our neighbor village .Here in Spain it's not quite autumn yet, even if the temperature has been lower both day and night time the last week, but the farmers are collecting some autumn products.
I think the figs we bought are the best I ever tried, so many nice stands, good prices, and the best, you buy directly from the farmer, may be the tomatoes doesn't have the same size, and they don't look perfect, but they are recollected the same day, avoiding high transport costs, time in fridges, real , real local food.

Onions and different kinds o pumpkins .

Peanuts,directly from the ground.

Madre mia, wath a pumpkin, here called calabaza.

All kinds of peppers and egg plants, pimientos and berenjenas, love the white egg plants.

Red peppers on strings, you hang them in the sun, and they will dry in some days, and you have seasoning for the whole winter , a tradition from the villages in the south.


We had the chance to try the products, goat cheese, marinated with paprika, rosemary or thyme, I bought the paprika one, the figs , mature, sweet, picked just at the right moment, the beets, going to do them tomorrow, the tomatoes to make som marmelade, my favorite, will come back later to the recipe.

Wish you a happy return, and a happy week.

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