Saturday, 9 November 2013


Almuñecar's sunrise.
Hi, a new post today, hope you will like this recipe.
We came home this morning after some days in Almuñecar, quite a change since the difference in temperature are about 10 degrees, just in 40 minutes cardrive. Granada is situated at 700 meter over sea level, and that makes it the most cold city in Andalucia, but also one of the hottest in the summer.
After some spectacular sunrises, sunny walks, some shopping, and a visit to Nerja, sunsets, coming back to the cold, I thought somthing comforting for lunch, Swedish Meatballs. We often bought them on Ikea Food, but it's so easy to make yourself, and my horseloving doughter apreciates so much that they're made by me.


750 gr. carne de ternera picada.    ( minced meat of veal)
1 huevo grande.                             ( large egg)
4 cucharadas de pan rallado.         ( tablespoons of breadcrumbs)
1 cucharada de salsa soja.             ( tablespoon soy sauce)
1/2 cucharilla de sal de ajo.            ( teaspoon garlic salt)
1/2 cucharilla de sal                   ( teaspoon salt)
Pimienta recien molida.                   ( ground pepper)
Perejil picado.                                ( chopped parsley )
Harina de trigo.                              (Wheat flour)

2 cebollas.                                      ( onions)
2 cucharadas de AOVE.                 ( extra virgen olive oil)
2 dl.Agua.                                       ( water)
1 dl. nata.                                       ( cream)

Dl. = decilitro

Start shopping the onions finely, have the olive oil in a skillet and add the onion, let fry until light golden, and then add the water, let it simmer.

While the onions are frying, put the minced meat in a bowl, add the egg, the breadcrumbs and the spices and mix well, let rest for 10 min.. Then have the flour in a small bowl, and start to roll small balls, if you moist your hands in some cold water it's easier, and the shape gets nicer, then transfer to the flour bowl, to cover  completely before they go into a fryingpan, with the olive oil already heated. Move the fryingpan so they get fried all over, when golden brown, transfer to the skillet with the cooked onions, and let it continue to simmer. This give more or less 3 pans of meatballs, when all are ready fried, let them simmer for + - 10 min. Then taste for salt and pepper and add the cream, and just mix but dont let it boil again after  adding the cream. If you have small children, or simply persons who don't like the small onion bits in the sauce, just blend it before you start filling in the  meatballs.

This dish is typical in Sweeden, but very popular here in Spain too, the change here is generally the sauce wich will be Tomate Frito ( tomato sauce) and the mashed potatoes will be Patatas Fritas ( chips), and no Lingonberry  marmelade.

I'm still training with my new camera, but I feel now that I can show you some of them ,here sunset over "Los Peñones" in Almuñecar.We have charged battery for some days, the seaside always gives a special energy.
Night, night!! Have a nice saturday night, and a good sunday.

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